Nourish Bay


I love doing collaborations with company’s and feel really privileged when company’s email me asking too. So my newest one is with the online company Nourish Bay. The brand does a wide range of candle melts, bath salts and soaks, foot and hand spas. They also do pamper kits for like hen party’s, spa gift sets, and got a huge valentine gift pack going on at the moment, along with a valentines competition going on everyday on Instagram. I’ll leave all links at the end.

The company is all about nature, through gentle and simple skin care from natural sources and to encourage people to appreciate nature more and benefit from it. And the best of all, they are planning on donating some proceeds to charity which is incredible. They also have their natural skin care ingredients on their website so you know its 100% real.


So I got two free samples from the company, first one being a Coffee Mocha Soy wax candle tart melt. I had a little nose on the website before hand and seen this product and was so intrigued by this. A coffee mocha smelling candle melt! You don’t see that scent around much and soon as the sample arrived, the smell was so good. I mean if your a coffee lover like me, than you’ll love this.

I’ve got this cute Yankee candle holder for melts which I used and even when its not lit, I can still smell it. The smell totally lingers around the house which is definitely what you want from a melt. I also find melts last a lot longer than an actual candle and this company have many to choose from. Sweet spice, lotus and orchid, which are all hand made products with soy wax and fragrance oil. The coffee mocha has actually coffee beans inside as well which I think gives a really good touch.

My second sample was a Floral Herb foot and hand spa tablet. When I used this, my first impressions were its literally a bath just for your hands or feet. Just grab a bowl or use the sink like I did, add warm water then pop the tablet in. It dissolves straight away just like a bath bomb. Id definitely recommended using the candle melt at the same time to enhance the experiment and makes it more relaxed and stress free which is always a must for me.
The one I got is a Rose and Geranium flavour but like the candle melt there is many to choose from. The tablets are carefully hand made to nourish and encourage healthy skin.

So all these products are really affordable prices and you can them from: shop / nourish bay and they have the whole range on the website plus their new valentines gifts. You also need to head over to their Instagram page where everyday they are holding competitions to all followers: Instagram/ nourish bay plus their Facebook and twitter page has all up to date gossip of new releases, products, and talking about their Instagram competition so make sure you check them out as well. Facebook: facebook/ nourish bay twitter: twitter/nourish bay

Or if you just want to have a nose on their website which has information all about the brand and their ingredients, head over to: nourish bay

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