April Favourites

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IM BACKK!! Its been nearly a month since the last time I blogged. Like December, I just decided to take some time off from blogging which I think is such a good idea because then you’ve got new ideas, time to think about where you want your blog to go and I always need time to chill and relax.

So firstly, fashion. Primark’s joggers are the most comfiest joggers I’ve ever worn. I really wanted a pair from Jack Willi’s but after watching one of Zoella’s vlogs, she was talking about the Primark ones and thought, ‘do I really want to spend a lot of money on a pair of joggers where I’m just going to be lounging around the house in,’ No not really. So Primark it is and I’m so glad I decided on these. They only cost £4.50 which is such a bargain!! They have little turn ups on the ankle and not really thick so they are perfect all year round.

Next I’m loving, is tops with the shoulders cut out of them. I’ve no idea what they are actually called but I love them. One of my personal fav’s is this pale pink one from New Look. This is perfect for summer and I’m loving the design that’s on the bottom. I’ve started a little collection of these tops at the moment which I may do a summer look book on them as everyone is loving them at the moment.


This is a product I had ages ago. Properly when they first released them and I’ve tired so many highlighters and this is always a favourite of mine and a product I always go back to. MUA Undress Your Skin, shimmer highlighter in the shade Pink Shimmer. When this first come out there was only 2 shades, now the collection has grown huge and id definitely recommended them. The photo doesn’t do it justice, so defiantly pop into your nearest Superdrug and she how pigmented there are. You don’t need loads on your brush, plus it’s so light weight when applying.


Next is St Ives Apricot Scrub, a product that never has really crossed my mind to try. I seen it reduced at work and I really needed a new scrub and was open to any ideas so thought id give this ago. I’m absolutely loving it. The one I got is for dry/ sensitive skin and I’m sure they have all skin types. Its oil free which I love, smells so good and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.


Lastly is The Body Shops latest craze. Their matte lip liquid and I’ve got mine in the shade Windsor rose 032. I’ve seen these products being advertise literally everywhere and seen some many people getting their hands on them so of course I had to get one as well. The colour Is a really nice nudey colour, perfect for summer and I love using mine for when I’m popping to the shops or popping over to my mums and just need something quick to apply without a lip liner.

Id love to know what you have been loving this month?!


3 thoughts on “April Favourites

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  2. I’ve had 2 pairs of the Primark joggers for ages and they’re so great. Perfect for lounging in the house, or for a comfy day, and so ideal if you’re taking a flight.

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