May Favourites 


I have been away from the blogging world for so long and from my last post, you’ll know a lot has been going on. A new full time job, trying to sort out my anxiety and just normal day to day life, blogging is literally impossible. I’m also having such a long hard think about how I want my blog to look and trying my hardest to make it look the best its ever been. So with a million things going on and my brain going in over drive, I have actually managed to find an afternoon to write up a quick favourites post.


So as your all aware, I have left my job in Superdrug and started a new full time job which I’m absolutely loving and with leaving Superdrug, I unfortunately had to give up my discount card which was heart breaking. So on my last day I went on a huge spending and with that brought the new Make up Revolution Matte Lip Kits. I had my eye on these as soon as they came in but just wasn’t 100% sure how good these would be compared to my Kylie Jenner lip kit. My answer is yes, they are literally just as good. I can wear mine all day, eat, drink, work all day and it stays on. I picked up 2 shades and I’m loving the Echelon which is a nudey pink colour which I love for this time of the year.

I am such a book worm these days. Its the best way to relax and after a long days work, there’s nothing better than getting into bed and reading a good book. I’m so nearly at the end of this and I’ve been loving it. A street cat named Bob. After watching the film to this, I really wanted to see if the book was just as good. Its such a great read and actually quite emotional. There’s been a couple of moments in the book were its really hit me, probably because its based on a true story and just gets me thinking, my god this is real life! It really makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Next up is from my favourite brand Garnier. Trying to find a day cream is such a mission for everyone I think, especially when you have one you love and suddenly the company want to discontinue it. Unfortunately its happened to me and I’ve been on the look out for a new one. Sticking with Garnier, they have just brought out a new range of creams and I loved the sound of this one. Hydrate and nourish which I defiantly need as I suffer with dry skin especially on my nose area so I need a cream that will really nourish those areas, with honey flower is what drew me to this the most. I really liked the sound of honey flower in this as I haven’t heard of this ingredient before, and hoped it smelt like honey as well, which it does and gives it a great bonus.

Lastly I’m obsessed with this. My new marble phone case with my initials on. Funny I know, but looks great!  I have seen so many celebrities with these and loved them so of course I had to get one. I got mine from a brand called Xander and Bow where I found them on Instagram. I’ll leave a link to their Instagram where you can check them out, plus they have there website link there as well so you can have a look at all their accessories they do, instagram/xanderandbow Everyone is obsessed with an initial phone case and why shouldn’t we be, they look amazing!!

Id love to know what you think of my favourite things this month and also any tips on how to better your blog would be very appreciated.


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