Make Up Revolution Matte Lip Kits


This post has been a long time coming. I got these products just before I left Superdrug, and that was nearly 2 months ago! Can you actually believe that, I can’t!! I did include them into my May Favourites  post and were now middle of July and I’m still obsessed with them, plus I did want to do a full review on them.

So what drew me into these was because I love the idea of a lip kit. There have been many of times were I buy a lipstick and search for ages to find a lip liner to match and sometimes don’t even find one. So one that comes already matched up is perfect for me and saves a lot of time. If you read my blog, you’ll know I love anything Matte, so that also drew me into getting one.
I’m also really impressed on how good they stay on. I brought a Kylie Jenner lip kit last year and so far nothing has even come close to staying on until now. I can wear them all day and I don’t even have to touch it up, even after eating. The Make Up Revolution kits are honestly just as good as the Kylie Jenner kits AND so much cheaper! I can’t even remember how much I paid for my Kylie Jenner kit, but I know it was hell of a lot, plus having it shipped to the UK cost so much. The Make Up Revolution kits are only £6.00 which is such a good price and your basically getting exactly the same as Kylie Jenner, except from the name.

So the 2 shades I got are Echelon and Noble. The Echelon is a lot more pinky brown and in my opinion the lip liner doesn’t match as you can see on the left picture. Once applied though, you honestly can’t notice it. The Noble is lot more brown. A colour I don’t usually go for but feel it’s perfect all year round and looks great on. As you can see this lip liner matches perfectly. Maybe I had a faulty Echelon batch or something. Who knows.
I’m also a sucker for packaging and I love the look of these. Very plain and simple, with a rose gold lid on the lip gloss and an all black lip liner. As I said they are only £6.00 and only available at Superdrug in store and online. If your like me and love a matte lipstick which stays on all day regardless, these are defiantly for you.


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