My Top 3 Beaches In Cornwall

Living in Cornwall most definitely has it’s perks. In the summer it’s one of the most beautiful places. So many people love coming down here for summer holidays and the beaches are prime locations for holiday makers. I wanted to do this post mainly for people who are coming down to Cornwall for a holiday and don’t know where to go, and just want some sort of idea what to do and where’s nice to go.

godrevy 3


So one of my top favourite beaches of all time is Godrevy, which is situated at Gwithian, Hayle. This is a childhood beach for me. Me and my family would spend endless days at this beach during the summer holidays. Now that me and my brother have grown up and unfortunately we don’t have our dad with us anymore, it will always have a special place in my heart. Its a HUGE beach with so much parking on fields which is great for picnics, playing games, plus there is a cafe aswell. The amount of rounders we use to play with family friends was such a laugh. The beach itself is amazing. I know a lot surfers like to go down there, but it is big enough to keep away from them. Rock pools for the kids which definitely use to be one of our favourite things to do, plus the view is just incredible.


poldhu 2
Next up is Poldhu. Poldhu Cove is located near The Lizard. Now this beach is literally 10-15 minutes down the road from me. So lucky!! This beach always reminds me of one of my best friends,  because about 3 years ago, we would always go down there at least twice a week just to get away. You get no phone signal and thats what we loved the most. No phones, gossip and just the sound of the waves crashing was our fav. Its a smaller beach than Godrevy, but still just as beautiful. Views are incredible and again they have a small cafe which do the best hot chocolate’s, also the staff are so friendly especially the owners so make sure you go and show them your support.

Kennack sands

kennack sands 2

Lastly Kennack sands, which is another beach located near The Lizard. This is another beach that me and my family use to always go to as well, but the part of the beach we use to go to, you unfortunately cant get there now unless the tide is right out. I hadnt been down there for years until this year, me and my boyfriend have been spending some time down there this summer and I’ve completely fallen in love with it again. Its very hidden away, you have to go down this steep hill and its hidden right at the bottom. There is also a walk along the outside of the beach which then leads you to another hidden beach. Perfect for dog walkers.

You can find all these beaches on a website called Visit Cornwall. I’ll leave a link here: visit cornwall for all informarion where they are, plus more ideas for you guys who’s on holiday down here. Happy Holidays.


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