If there’s one thing I love buying and that is new make up and beauty products. I am up for trying pretty much anything, if that’s new releases or recommendations I see from people on social media. So here’s a couple of products to add to my forever growing list of beauty products.


My FAVOURITE go to lipstick is from NYX cosmetics. The Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of the best lip products I’ve used. The shade ‘Cannes’ is my ‘go to’ product and I couldn’t live without. I’m also obsessed with the colour red at Christmas and I have to get a new red lipstick each year.


Banana Hair Mask! I mean how could you not want this. As soon as I seen this released by The Body Shop, I was so intruded and had to get it. They also do a banana shampoo and conditioner which I really want to try also. Its smells AMAZING and I’m so excited to try this.


Yep, another lip product! I think its safe to say I’m obsessed with any lipsticks whether its new or old. So Barry M have brought out a new Matte range of lip kits. Lip kits are the ‘in’ thing at the moment and many brands have started doing them. I’ve tried Make Up Revolution and Kylie Jenner and personally love them, so I’m hoping to fall in love with Barry M’s as well.


I have seen this product everywhere. It’s all over my social media and I’ve seen some many good recommendations. I’ve also seen Zoella feature this in a couple of vlogs how to use and how much she loves it. I really wanted a product that is quick and easy to take my make up off in the evenings as well as moisturising my face too.


Lastly is another product from one of my favourite brands, Benefit. The ‘Boilling’ concealer is the newest range of products from Benefit and they have something for everyone. I’m forever on the look out for the best concealer and I’m hoping this could be the one.


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